Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Sky, Sand & Sea.....

Get lost ,
In me...
The pain,
The spree...
The sand,
The skies
The gravel
The pebbles,
It’s yours not mine
The fights the squabbles
The everyday struggles,
Let them go,
As I am here
For you
For them
For tears
For pain
To wipe away those lines
On your forehead
Just show up at the door
That’s my shore
To start a new journey
Of self discovery
Are they your own ?
Then why be a pawn
In their dirty hands
When you can lie on my sand
To wash off
The fear
The anguish
The never ending despair
The smoke can not rescue
But surely
I can....
Embracing you
Caressing you to sleep
Making you feel,
Life is not just a mountain steep
Come just once
Bid goodbye to the trance
The blues await
Where the land and sky meet,
For wanderers like you,
For seekers like me,
There lie,
Your secrets
Also mine.

 NB : This poetry is inspired by few pics sent by a friend of mine. So a heartfelt thanks to him :)

Friday, 7 July 2017

The World's A Stage...

Stop running dear,
It's not an escape,
Face your fears,
After all what's at stake ?
It's all fake.
This world
A spinning ball in space
Isn't just science
My grace
It's the soul that traverses
Oceans and skies
Though years,
Through centuries
Through realms of times
Why get entrapped,
What the eyes see,
What the ears hear,
What the buds taste,
What the mind feels,
It's only
And only
The soul,
That's stable
The soul,
That's still.
With the Divine,
Getting lost in the sea,
When I am in charge,
Why to worry.
Stop running dear,
It's not a game,
Of hide and seek,
Of prestige and fame,
Just play your part,
With an integrated heart,
Raise your hands,
Let the shame fall,
I will wrap you up,
In an never ending piece,
Fulfilling up your dreams,
Fulfilling your wish,
The world thinks,
Everything's visible,
In reality,
It's blind.
Open your eyes,
Feel your psyche,
That your are gifted with,
Love that binds,
The big,
The small,
The dwarf,
The tall,
The needy,
The giver,
The warmth,
The shiver,
Worry not for the end,
It's decided before the start,
You have one job,
That's to play your part,
Through good,
Through bad,
Remain unfazed,
Never forgetting,
You are a mere player,
And The World's A Stage.

Saturday, 10 June 2017

How Much Does It Take....

How much does it take...
To listen than to speak up,
To try than to give up,

How much does it take,
To show care than to rip apart,
Strangling them with words,
Being good than a brat.

How much does it take..
To make up than break,
Overcome your egos and choose to melt,
Does it really lower your crown,
If you gently bow down.

Not really,
But do they understand,
Or will they,
Is there a chance ?
If not them,
At least will you,
It's easy to point out,
Difficult to pursue.
Why can't we just start with ourselves,
Not following the crowd,
Being the lone wolf.

Charity is said to begin at home,
So let's start in our own hearts,
Filling it with love,
Showering a little care,
It won't make us fall,
From the valuable positions we hold,
Nor will loose our pride as told.

Let's just think,
What we wanna built,
A heart that beats to the rhythm,
Or ignorant to silent screams.

Saturday, 24 September 2016


Kasey was crying aloud.
Face red, eyes swollen, lips parted giving a tiny hint of her new born teeth. The whole house was in turmoil. Startled everybody looked on without a pinch of a hint.

Her tired eyes were searching for her mom.

“ They are gone mom....they are gone...the stars” she said pointing her fingers out of the window
“Why worry dear...when they can be right here”, she said and switched on the lights.

Kasey jumped into her arms with a big smile.

“ Never worry sweet heart...how dark the night may seem there’s always light waiting to get unveiled”

Pic : Friday Fictioneers

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Friday, 23 September 2016


He : Hey....long time. How have you been?
She : Good...
He: Really...
She: You think I will speak up like a little girl at this age...
He: Age...what’s your age now?
She: Oh...you don’t know! I guess we passed out almost at the same time...
He: Ok...so we both are mostly of the same age and i don’t think i am old...he says with a giggle
She:Honestly even i don’t think I am old too but we aren’t teenagers anymore
He: I agree... I agree...but where’s the harm in trying to be again...ha ha ha
She: Shut up...idiot...we can’t do this again...life has shown us enough realities to believe in it’s illusions anymore.
He: Realities have never asked us to quit believing in illusions, you remember the old saying of our school days...the more we believe the more we achieve
She: Of course i do...it was to believe in dreams not on imaginary illusions
He: And what dreams are made of....
She: Oh ...I have never won an argument with you..nor do I intend to...just let it go
He: It’s not about winning the argument but.....
She: But... what ?
He: I don’t know....
She: I know...
He: What ?
She: Few things are better left unsaid....
He: Hmmm
She: I guess we are old enough to stop running from each other...it’s not always required that everything that happens in our life gets a legitimate name...there are thousand and one feelings that we can not describe nor can we define but we still love them the way they are....so just let it be...the way it is coz there exists fine lines between relationships named and unnamed.

Pic : Google Images

Friday, 5 August 2016

A Life To Live

He : How easy we takes things. And sometimes how we complicate them...
She: Really...how ?
He: The way as someone’s or something’s  presence doesn’t even matter for us and at times it becomes the vital link for our existence.
She: Can something that had no importance at all become so special in a moment ?
He: Not in a moment....in a flash
She: Oh...wow ! nothing like that has ever happened with me.
He: Ya.... as you haven’t yet arrived at that moment....it’s still waiting for you
She: Has it happened with you yet?
He: Of course....
She: How ?
He: You see this....
She: What ?
He: This window...
She: Yes...it’s just a window.
He : For you. Not for me. Well though there was a time even it was just a window for me. With white grills slanting towards one side. The paint on the panes was not my liking though today it’s the colour that I love most...indigo painting my world blue.
Then things changed...
Yes in a flash..when I was restricted....to this bed. Left in the company of my senses . My ears that could hear the chatter, the tinkle, the horns, the rustle, the claps, the laughter. My eyes that could see the light blue fading into a darker shade, slowly the orange taking over turning the blanket black. My face drenched with drops wetting my lids with water that flows from the outer as well as the inner world. Even I didn't believe till I faced the very moment right in my eyes and realized this is not just an window but an entire life to live.

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Sky, Sand & Sea.....

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